Speaker of the Emerald Crown



Diccea is one of the oldest inhabitants of the island, she has watched many of the trees here grow from the smallest of saplings to the great towering giants that populate the land. Although wild elves are seen by many as barbarous, violent, and reclusive, this particular community established ties with other fey on the island, in part because of the naturalistic views the other races shared with the elves.

Diccea exemplifies this ideal, a tender to her grove much like a farmer to his field. When the human settlers first set foot on the island, she was reluctant to make any moves towards them. Some wanted them driven from the island, after all, their ways were strange and existed outside of the natural order. She believed observation was necessary rather than rash action, however when the settlers began cutting down the trees and digging up the land even her voice was drowned out.

However when the visions eventually came of the mist she spoke the loudest to end the conflict. Since then she has struggled to maintain the peace, so far the thought of mutual destruction has kept the peace, however tensions remain high, especially with the influx of refugees to the island.



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