Nichye Arres

Head representative of Kebrook



A military man by trade, Nichye made a name for himself as a sailor during the relatively early years of Kebrook, first on the various small merchant vessels and eventually warships once the need arose for them. His experience in the military as well as that within the merchant houses earned him much credibility when it came to political matters. His entrance into the political spectrum was due in large part to the mismanagement of the conflict with the native fey population.

The early years of the conflict proved difficult for the human settlers, the political leaders failed to grasp the gravity of the situation, treating the natives as more of a group of pests rather than any real threat. This led to significant loses to both territory and people, a trend which quickly deteriorated into a mass panic of the population. For the first time in the city’s history its leadership would be forcibly replaced, the transition was quick, and with little resistance as the realization of the situation sank in to most of the leadership. Nichye was one of those to step up to fill the gap, using his military experience to halt the advance of fey any further into Kebrook territory. Many would attribute his leadership to ultimately turning the tide of the war, in addition to eventually brokering peace between the two factions when visions of the coming mist first began.

Currently he works to maintain the peace, despite objections from a few minor representatives, he understands the need for both sides to work together on the island, recognizing the real danger the mist presents. As such he has encouraged the cooperation between the citizens of Kebrook and the native fey.


Nichye Arres

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