Leader of the Emerald Thorns



Norai is the head of the recently formed Emerald Thorns, a collection of Fey who formed in response to, what they call, invasion by the human settlers of Kebrook. They serve as protectors of the various groves and glades of the island. Although they answer to the Emerald Crown, many members question the ceasefire brokered with the humans.

Norai is one such member, he is relatively young by Elf standards, and extremely distrustful of outsiders. However his age and lack of experience with the world outside of the island temper his distrust more than any real hatred whether he knows it or not.

For all his faults he is sincere in his desire to protect the island and its people, albeit a little overzealous at times. He maintains a small following, mostly of other young Fey with a desire to prove themselves, as reckless as that may be in the eyes of their elders. Since the ceasefire was enacted, Norai and the other members of the Emerald Thorns have taken up a tentative position of working with the people of Kebrook in defense of the island. Although reluctant to work with their former enemies, Norai at least recognizes the potential danger the encroaching mist poses and trusts the elders enough to follow their directives.



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