The Mist

The origin of the mist that now blankets most of Nimressea is unknown, although there are plenty of speculations, few are bound by actual facts. Fear and desperation drive most rumors surrounding the mist itself.

While few things are known about it, what is known is that the mist is magical in nature and does not adhere to natural laws. It also appears to interfere with magic itself, regardless of its source, in large enough quantities. Arcane, divine, and primal users alike testify to odd behaviors with their magic in regions more heavily affected by the mist.

The most disconcerting aspect however may be the things the mist brings with it, reports of shadowy figures lurking in the mist draw concerns from both citizen and noble alike. No details exist thus far of exactly what these figures are, but it is clear the danger they pose as entire villages, and more recently entire cities have been lost. The few survivors who managed to flee tell incoherent tales which vary as greatly as the individuals themselves. Some of vicious, bloodthirsty monsters of fang and claws. Others of silent death, leaving bodies and blood without a sound in their wake.

The few cities who have been lucky enough to gain word of the danger beforehand cower behind their walls of stone, paranoid of anything and everyone. Those without the luxury of solid walls flee or seemingly disappear overnight, lost forever in the mists.

The Mist

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