Token System

We are using the Token System. Tokens are an easy way to represent the various resources that a character collects that would otherwise have to be laboriously recorded. There are three types of tokens that will be awarded in the campaign.

  • Resource
  • Providence


Resource tokens represent anything of value that the character has accrued during the course of the campaign. This can include anything such as treasure, favors, fame, and anything else that may be used to acquire goods and services from others in the world.

Purchasing Consumables

Item Level # Per Token
Up to your level +4 1 per token
Up to your level +2 2 per token
Up to your level 5 per token

Purchasing Magic Items

Item Level # Tokens
Your level +3 6 tokens
Your level +2 5 tokens
Your level +1 4 tokens
Your level or less 3 tokens


Ritual Level # Per Token
Up to your level 1 per token
Up to your level -3 2 per token
Extra ritual tokens 5 per token

Gaining Hirelings
For all intents and purposes hirelings will be treated as wondrous items for usage. RP elements may be incorporated should you choose to do so, however anything plot related please advise me first so that it can be worked out.

Occupation # Tokens
Beast Handler 1 token
Burglar 2 tokens
Cook 1 token
Guide, Underdark 1 token
Guide, Wilderness 1 token
Healer 1 token
Magician 2 tokens
Mercenary 2 tokens
Performer 1 token
Pilot 1 token
Porter 1 token
Sage 2 tokens
Spy 2 tokens
Valet 1 token


Providence represents an influence of a characters fate, a nudge, either from an internal or external source. It allows a character to manipulate events in their favor at critical moments. Providence is earned for especially virtuous or selfless deeds, most commonly this will be from acts that influence the world as a whole.

Use # Tokens
Recharge an encounter power (1/encounter) 1 token
Recharge a daily power (1/encounter) 2 token
Score an automatic critical hit on an attack 3 tokens
Gain an automatic 20 on a skill check 2 token
Reroll a die (Note you MUST keep the new result, this is to reflect the fact that second chances don’t always turn out for the best) 1 token
Spend an action point in an encounter where you’ve already spent an action point 1 token
Cheat death (raise dead sans penalties) 3 tokens

The DM will distribute when appropriate.

Token System

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